Starfish Christian Trust: Building training


As a Christian Trust we believe strongly in teaching and training men and women who are in ministry situations. In the Western nations there are many opportunities and resources available for everyone, whatever their calling or vocation. This is not so in developing countries. For this reason, we have a strong desire equip those who lack such opportunities.


Over the years our personnel have been involved in such training in many nations. In recent years seminars and conferences have been organised in Kenya, Burundi, India, The Philippines, Zimbabwe, Cameroon and Democratic Republic of Congo. Teaching and training of those in leadership roles, from Sunday school and youth leaders to pastors and bishops.


Training days usually last two to three days and cover a wide variety of topics. A solid programme of teaching on Unity is given as there are often serious divisions within the churches in an area or town.


Similarly, because many rural pastors have no deep understanding of even the basic principles of the Christian faith, a Foundational Training Course has been developed by our administrator to help in their understanding of these vital issues. It is freely available for download for use by anyone.