Starfish Christian Trust: Slave boy in Pakistan

Slave Rescue

Estimates are that there are around 37 million people in slavery in the world. Of these 17 million are in India and a further 3 million in Pakistan. Starfish Christian Trust has, up to the end of 2014 seen the rescue of more than 200 people from slavery - 14 children in India which we are sponsoring through Hope Ministries and the rest being mainly families in Pakistan.


All the slaves in Pakistan are Christian and Pastor Moses has many pastors caring for families in the brick kilns. Many refer to them as 'bonded labourers' because they are trapped through non-payment of debts, but when man who is a great-grandfather, born into the kilns has known no other life, it is slavery whatever attempts are made to sanitise the name.


We are proud to have been able to pay for the redemption of many orphans and around 20 families and the number is rising. We give the money to the family and it is the family that pays the debt. In this way we see the beginning of the restoration of their dignity.


To avoid the danger of them falling back into debt we place them into the hands of a local church where the pastor is able to watch over them. We rent a home for them for the first two months, give them some money to buy some basic domestic needs and food. In addition, we set them up with a means of supporting their families. This may be by the provision of a donkey and cart or perhaps we will rent a small 'shop' and stock it well. There is no difficulty with them working hard as it is quite light work compared to the drudgery of slaving in the brick kilns.


If you would like to help us bring freedom to another family in Pakistan or would like details of how to sponsor a child in India please contact us or you can make a donation.


Starfish Christian Trust: Slave boy in Pakistan


Starfish Christian Trust: Family rescued from slavery