Starfish Christian Trust: Coconut trees in the Philippines


We have had links with the Philippines through Pastor Ludy Bongosia since 2001. He now lives in Cagayan de Oro on the island of Mindanao. This troubled island has had many problems with Muslim separatists who have wanted to create the island as an independent Muslim state. At one time, Pastor Ludy has to flee his home when his village was overrun by them.


A visit in November 2012 which had two very positive results. Firstly, we were able to help him and his co-workers in the establishment of two new church congregations - one in a community suburb called Singapore in Cagayan de Oro itself and a similar one in Bulua. The other step forward was a meeting with the leaders of a tribal group from the mountains above the town of Sumilao. Through the invitation of the towns mayor we were able to meet with these leaders (pictured above) and an invitation to take Bible studies to them was offered by them. We were also able to meet with a patrol of soldiers protecting the villages in the mountains from the rebels.


Recently, Pastor Ludy lost most of his vision and was hampered in his work. We were happy to enable him to have two separate operations and his sight is now restored and he is working tirelessly again.


The Philippines has its share of bad weather. Regukar typhhons often leave hundreds dead and thousands homeless. We have been able to send some relief through pastor Ludy to give a little assistance. We have also been able to help a little with medical fees and school fees on a small scale.