Starfish Christian Trust: Pakistani children


It has been our great pleasure to be involved in the lives of the persecuted Christian minority in Pakistan. Life can be very difficult for minorities and opportunities for education, employment and even freedom are often far from them. The needs that they face are great and we have been able to put the 'Starfish' principle of one life at a time into practice. Working with Pastor Moses (not his real name) we are changing lives.


To bring a little income to the home, young girls works as maids in Muslim homes. They are often abused. Girls like 8 year old Rakhi and 9 year old Nirmal are often raped by the home owners. We have a vision to build a rescue centre for such girls where they can be safe and find healing.


You can read how we are helping to release families from slavery on our slavery page we have been able to see the debts of over 200 people repaid and brought into freedom. Several orphan children are also freed and placed into the care of Christian families.


Education is so important for the future and the New Covenant School built by Pastor Moses and his team is now needing a separate building to enable boys and girls to be educated in separate building as the government has instructed. We were proud to launch the appeal for this and have helped to see funds raised for this project.


Security problems are never far away and a recent massacre of some 132 children in Peshawar has intensified the tensions. Whilst financial help is always needed, if you are a praying person, then please pray or the sterling work of Pastor Moses and his team.