Starfish Christian Trust: Orphans sleeping together


It is a hard heart that is not moved when hearing of the suffering of children. Throughout the world, whether through conflict and war, diseases such as HIV or malaria, natural disasters, poverty or famine, somehow it is always the vulnerable who suffer. And the most vulnerable are the children.


Millions of children are orphaned every year. Thankfully, the churches and individual Christians care for them, either by setting up an orphanage or bringing them into their own homes. For many, taking in additional children places additional pressures on their own finite resources.


Starfish Christian Trust is no exception to the tear on the heartstrings when another story of children damaged, hurt and without families comes to them. As with our 'starfish principle' of one life at a time we help where we can.


We have recently decided to help one ministry that has taken 14 'orphaned' children out of slavery in the brick kilns of India. Following the devastation that Cyclone Phailin brought, many parents sold there children into slavery and disappeared. Working with Hope Ministries in Andhra Pradesh, we have recently set up a small sponsorship scheme to support these dear children. If you would like to help with this and sponsor a child please contact us.