Starfish Christian Trust: Kenyan boys


The trustees have had links with Kenya since 1987 and although this has been the main focus of work in Africa, has been the hub for links with many other nations including South Sudan, Rwanda, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania, Uganda and others. Initially invited by Rev George Opara the reach into Africa has expanded greatly.


Over the years a great deal of practical help has been given, some short term and much still continuing. In addition to facilitating the establishment of many new churches, all in the leadership of autonomous local ministries a major emphasis has been in teaching and training new and established church leaders. A particular thrust has been to teach unity, as the church leaders often have a great deal of influence in their communities. This has helped to bring peace when tribal differences have erupted, especially at the time of parliamentary elections.


On a more practical side, the trustees have been involved in setting up an orphanage which gives a home to some 85 orphan children. This is now self supporting through the work of Pastor Jonathan Mudenyo in Liyavo village. Although now no longer operating, a mobile clinic was donated brought health care to many in the Mount Elgon region which also supported several village clinics. It has been our privilege to bring teaching, medical aid, education and support to many communities.