Starfish Christian Trust: Street in India


"I have made a study and I estimate there are some 33 million gods in India." So Pastor Joshua Geddam advised us. He lives in Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh. He has been known to the trustees for many years and works tirelessly for his people, planting many churches in the poor rural areas. His strategy is to support a pastor in a new village for a year and in that time it is usual for the church to become self-supporting. He has facilitated teaching and training conferences to for us to help establish the work.


This is just a small part of the work. With a population in India of some 1.25 billion people there is much poverty and much need. Pastor Joshua works tirelessly to help to raise the living standards of those in the villages around him. It has been our privilege to help with the sinking of two boreholes to bring fresh water. This is an ongoing need and our hope is to be able to continue to provide for this life giving project. It costs about £500 to sink each well.


Other projects include small business loans to help poorer families earn at least a basic income. Some small medical aid and relief grants have also been given. One major project that pastor Joshua supports is an orphanage. Cyclone Phailin hit the area in 2013 and many parents sold their children into slavery and left. We have paid for their rescue and are currently seeking sponsors for the 14 children in the care of Hope Ministries' Orphanage.


We have also recently been asked to support another work in India headed up by Pastor Vivekenandh. We hope to add more details of this work shortly.