Starfish Christian Trust: Ladies gathering


We have known Nicolas and Elaine Thebault for many years but it is only recently that we have been able to help them. They are working in a difficult situation which has recently been made much worse due to the outbreak of Ebola.


Nicolas recently wrote, "From the end of February 2013 to October 2013 there were demonstrations in Conakry; the opposition was contesting how the legislative elections were being organised. In 8 months 60 demonstrators were killed. We had to close our school (Jubilee School) for four months which caused us enormous financial difficulties. At the same time the mining companies announced they were leaving the country… . In one week, for example, four children of less than 10 years from families we know in the church died One woman in the church, has lost 18 members of her family due to the Ebola virus."


We have only been able to help in a small way in this difficult and needy area but we are hoping to establish a longer term relationship with them.