Starfish Christian Trust: Ethiopian family


We have had great pleasure in helping to build the Galilee Christian School in Harar, Ethiopia. This is an ambitious scheme and each year as the school grows another classroom is added.


Pastor Frew is our beloved partner and his vision for the growth of the school inspired us. Starting with one classroom, as the children progress year on year, a new classroom is built. Younger children then start school as the older ones move upwards.


One of our trustees has known Pastor Frew for many years and was able to visit him and his family in 2014. At this time he was able to take with him teaching materials and teaching manuals for the staff which can be photocopied for repeated use. A local Lutheran school also has benefitted from these materials.


This is a long term relationship in Ethiopia and we will look for ways to enable a solid expansion of the education of the children in Harar.