Starfish Christian Trust: D.R. Congo Gorillas

Democratic Republic of Congo

Pastor Jeremiah Rukukuye (pictured) was a refugee in Nairobi when we first met him. He was studying at the Nairobi Pentecostal Bible School. Such was his heart for his people who were scattered throughout East Africa because of the war in his country that he planted three churches in Nairobi for the Congolese refugees. He also visited the refugee camps in Nyaragusu and Lugufu and helped establish churches there.


He has now returned to his home in Uvira and continues to work to build the Kingdom of God. He is establishing new churches in Eastern Congo and has seen the first graduates from a Bible School that has been built on the hills overlooking the town and the beautiful Lake Tanganyika. Also on those hills is the CCC Orphanage which is home to about 90 children.


There are still uncertainties and times of insecurity but Starfish Christian Trust is happy to partner with him. We have been involved with helping inn teaching and training. Our administrator is due to visit again in this capacity in July 2015.