Starfish Christian Trust: African Community Church

Supporting Community

As a Christian charity we believe that the local church, the pastor or missionary are at the heart of most communities. Through them, much of the local work of the trust can be accomplished. They are our ears and eyes 'on the ground' and bring to our attention areas of need. They are also, for the most part the ones who ensure that our giving is properly distributed.


It has been our policy over many years to only work with those that we know, although sometimes we have to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in new situations.


Our support of individual churches and pastors is seen as an integral part of achieving our objectives. Grants and other forms of financial support release them to be effective in their work. In addition, donations towards church buildings, which often double up as schools and community centres are productive.


Teaching seminars have been arranged in many places, including Congo, India, Sudan, Rwanda, Burundi, Pakistan, Philippines, Honduras, East Africa, Zimbabwe… Bibles have been provided, often with donations from other ministries. More recently support was given to the family of a persecuted pastor who was fleeing persecution for standing firm for his faith in a Muslim country. Assistance was also given to the family of a woman falsely accused of blasphemy and jailed.


Just as we believe that the family is the foundational building block for society, so we also believe that the community is the bedrock of stability for a nation.