Starfish Christian Trust: Village in Burundi


According to the Wikipedia website, Burundi is one of the five poorest countries in the world. Ravaged by the 1994 genocide that hit both Rwanda and Burundi and ravaged with civil unrest it is beginning the long process of reconstruction.


Working alongside Bishop Joseph Ruvungana, the trust has been making a small contribution to the re-growth of the country. The picture gives an indication of the devastation that the turmoil has left. Churches are playing a major part in the reconstruction and we have been helping in the construction of churches where they have been destroyed.


Refugees returning to the country are in a desperate situation. One group that we are helping is in the north. The United Nations has repatriated about 800 families in an area where it seems that nothing will grow. Having been left in the hands of another NGO who also abandoned them there is little hope or help for them. Their plight is worse than when they were in the refugee camps. Working with the Bishop we have been able to help some of these returnees. With the help of a government trainer we have found families willing to work and have set up a small enterprise scheme. It does not produce great incomes, but when you have nothing, a little can go a long way.


With your help we plan to expand the scheme. We are also looking at a training programme that will teach and train them in agriculture.